Pests are destructive insects and animals that attack crops. They include; termites, stalk borers, aphids, weevils and many more. They destroy crops in the garden and also in storage. The best control methods require knowledge of the pest and its habits. The mode of destruction, where they are found maybe stems, leaves, fruit and roots.


There are different methods of pest control. One can use biological methods, mechanical methods, chemical methods or natural methods. Biological pest control is the same one as natural pest control. The natural pest control aims at eliminating pests with minimal harm caused to the environment.


 Some of the natural methods of California pest control are; using animals that are predators of the pest. For an example; cats are used to catch rats which are rodent that destroy crops in storage. Bats can be bred to predate on insects that destroy crops such as mosquitoes on mangoes and avocado plants. Elimination of breeding grounds of pests can help control them.


 Breeding grounds include; stagnant water which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and garbage which provides shelter and food for many organisms such as rats and cockroaches. Building and maintaining a proper sewer can help control pests because open sewers are ample breeding grounds for various pests. Some specific spectrum of led lights can disrupt insects breeding like of fruit moths.


Mechanical pest controls such as the use of baits and traps can be effective too. Tilling the land after every season and especially when it is sunny exposes pests to destruction by the sun. Burning the field after harvesting is a good method of killing rodents, insects or their eggs although it pollutes the environment with smoke. It is mostly used in sugarcane plantations after harvesting. Most traps that are used are made and bait can be used to lure the pest to the trap. The traps can be glue traps, snap traps, and live catch traps. Sticky traps are also used and they have an enticing smell that attracts the pest.



Some times or often these physical, natural and mechanical methods fail to fully eliminate the pest and they require a chemical backup. Chemical pest control is by use of pesticides. Pesticides can be sprayed on the crops or dusted. Some chemicals are used to repel pests and others to sterilize so as to control their reproduction. Chemical methods though, can cause adverse effects to people like death due to chemical poisoning and affects the stability of the ecology.